Become a Unified Sports® Partner

Sports are about having fun, practicing a healthy lifestyle and bringing people together. The Special Olympics Unified Sports® program offers all of this and more.

Unified Sports® Partners are athletes without intellectual disabilities who train and compete in sports alongside their peers with intellectual disabilities.

Unified Partners play a valuable role in enriching the lives of Special Olympics' athletes with intellectual disabilities by providing encouragement, understanding and support to help these athletes realize their potential.

The Unified Sports® Program creates a unique bond among teammates through the sports experience. It also helps create a culture of inclusion, understanding and respect for individuals of all abilities in schools and communities around the state.

Do you enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, softball, flag football, floor hockey or soccer? Or are you a swimmer, tennis player or runner? There is no better way to combine your love of sports with the rewards you gain from volunteering than by becoming a Special Olympics Connecticut Unified Sports® Partner!

Here's how to get started:

1. Complete and submit the Class A Volunteer Application. (This form must be completed before joining a Special Olympics Connecticut team and is valid for three years.)

a) Volunteer: Class A Application
b) Volunteer: Class A Application (Web Version)
c) Volunteer: Minor Class A Application
d) Volunteer: Minor Class A Application (Web Version) 

2. Complete the Protective Behaviors online training. (* Only for volunteers aged 18+)

3. Read the Unified Partner Guidelines and complete the Unified Partner Form.

4. Review information about Partner Domination Issues & Guidelines.